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Organic Marseille French Soap


Go ahead and wash your hands as often as your want with our French soap that does not dry the skin. Meet our newest addition to our Lynen Collection ... Authentic French Soap, direct from the Factory in Marseille, France ... the way they’ve made it since 1812. 100% pure and organic, naturally. Plus, they are sooo pretty to look at 🌿

Made in Marseilles, France
Original Marseille Soap Cube
100% Natural - Pure and Organic
4 Simple Ingredients: Natural Olive Oil, Soda, Salt and Fresh Water
100% Biodegradable Pure Olive Oil
Made by Esteemed Soapmaking Family since 1812
Finest Quality & Finest Ingredients
NO Artificial Colors
Specialized Milling Process - Triple Milled
Provides Rich Lather
600 gram